Company Overview

FESmedical was established in 2006 by Jonathan Watts, current Director and original principal engineer. In 2021, with over 200 years of staff Linac experience, FESmedical brings a vast knowledge of the industry and expertise covering all aspects of accelerator installation, operation, servicing, relocation and decommissioning.

The core business of FESmedical, is to provide technical expertise and services within the Radiation Oncology Field, and more specifically, all aspects associated with the Linear Accelerators often used to deliver the Radiotherapy treatments.

Since its establishment in 2006, the business has expanded to incorporate installation projects worldwide as well as in Australia. Services provided include various roles in Service Support, Service Management, Quality Assurance, Sales Support, Project Management, Technical Training and Installation Support. Currently, Installation Support has become our major focus and area of expertise.

VersaHD linear acceleratorIn recent years, the addition of experienced staff who share the professionalism & trustworthy nature of the company, have allowed FESmedical to continue to support the medical profession with expertise in Radiation Oncology.

FESmedical aims to support customers globally, working in collaboration with the Manufacturers, for Linear Accelerator projects and other associated ventures, both within Australia and worldwide. This will be achieved by building a team of local and international specialists who can supply the appropriate support skills as and when required.

As a company we strive for integrity, excellence in customer service, high standards of work and a positive attitude in all we do.

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